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Mangalica Products

Fresh meat

Own breed, 100% pure blood, blonde mangalica

The protected, native and well-known mangalicas are declared Hungarian National Values. Their meat is healthier and more delicious than other mangalica species’. We can garantee that the meat quality is constant and predictable even in case of large amount of order.

Processed mangalica meat

To ensure high quality meat, we proccess, pack and keep meat at the ideal tempreture immediately after slaughtering. This way our products are fresh and luscious. We proccess the different parts of meat according to our customers’ needs.

Why are mangalica products healthier than products made from normal pork meat?
The muscle tissue of the mangalica breed has high dry matter content, and related thereto higher fat content is characteristic, therefore its enjoyment value is higher as well. Its favourable oleic acid content (around 50%), the antioxidants to be found in the managlica meat and its favourable micro element content are important for healthy nutrition. Based on experiments carried out so far, in mangalica legs the concentration of iron, manganese, zinc, and Vitamin Bs was signifi cantly higher than in modern breeds. Mangalica meat contains 12 to 16% less saturated fatty acid and 8 to 10% more unsaturated fatty acid compared to the meat of white pigs.

The most important characteristic of our products is that they are GMO, gluten and lactose free products, because they do not contain harmful additives and allergens.

We produce our products without additives, in an excellent quality, according to traditional recipe. For example, for the production of 100 grams of Parasztkolbász (farmer’s sausage ) we use 141 grams of meat.

In order to achieve true home-style fl avour, we prepare our most popular premium products with traditional curing and smoking process, this is how our unique appearance and fl avour profi le is created!

Smoked sausage, hot or mild
Smoked and dried –
perfect for preparing cold dishes
Smoked lard
Cured in salt for 4-6 weeks,
then beech smoked
Smoked bacon
Cured in salt for 4-6 weeks,
then beech smoked
Farmers Ham
Cured in salt for 4-6 weeks, then beech smoked.
A tasty ingredient for cold dishes and sandwiches.
Lard prepared with traditional methods: melted and fried for cooking, frying and seasoning.
Smoke kolozsvári bacon
Cured in salt for 4-6 weeks,
then beech smoked


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