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All for the Baby - Vivien mineral water

Every mother wants the best for her child. This is why we created for you the “Everything for the Baby” – VIVIEN natural mineral water made from natural mineral water and bottled under especially careful circumstances.

Thanks to its excellent qualities, in 2008 the “Everything for the Baby” – VIVIEN natural mineral water won the right to use the Excellent Hungarian Food trademark.

The “Everything for the Baby” – VIVIEN natural mineral water is suitable for satisfying your child’s fl uid needs with a top quality mineral water. Due to the quantity of minerals it contains, because its sodium content is so low, expectant mothers, infants, small children and other members of the family as well are encouraged to drink it even in greater quantities.

Thanks to it extremely low, 4 mg/l sodium content, the “Everything for the Baby” – VIVIEN natural mineral water is suitable for low-sodium diets as well, its pH-value is 7.3, slightly basic, which is exceptional from the physiological aspect. Owing to its mineral composition and neutral taste effect, this top-quality mineral water may be used for preparing meals for babies, as well as for cooking. The “Everything for the Baby” – VIVIEN natural mineral water may be given to babies without boiling within 24 hours of opening the bottle.

Not only for the Babies!

Appropriate amounts and quality of water are essential for the healthy functioning of our body. The ancient stones of the Gerecse Karst in Hungary are still fi ltering, cleaning the treasure of the mountain - the crystal clear, natural mineral water - for decades. The fresh VIVIEN mineral waters, which have pleasant taste, are low in sodium and have ideal calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate content, are brought to the surface from here. These mineral waters free from any and all artifi cial intervention and having moderate mineral content are perfectly suitable for everyday consumption in greater quantities as well.

The VIVIEN natural mineral water has a pleasant taste, a slightly basic pH value and its total mineral content is 620mg/l, while its calcium content is ideal 69mg/l. It is recommended not only for healthy adults but also for small children, infants, and especially for cardiovascular patients.


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